The Park’n’Forget App Does More Than Just Find Your Car

So you made a mad dash to the mall when they were having that huge sale, but you weren’t the only one lured there by the promise of saving some money. In fact, the parking lot was so full, you had to park your car what seemed like a mile away from the mall.

After a nice day of shopping, it’s time to go home and recuperate. But, wait…where was it that you parked? Was it on the third level? No. No, that’s not right. It must have been the fourth level, right? Nope. No sign of your car there either. After walking for what feels like a country mile, you finally locate your vehicle. On the seventh level of the parking garage. What a pain in the feet this scavenger hunt has been!

Who hasn’t been there? Whether it’s forgetting where you parked at the mall, at the football game or at a concert, nobody likes to spend their time walking around aimlessly looking for their own car. Thank goodness technology can lend a hand.

The Park’n’Forget App

Made exclusively for use with the iPhone, the Park’n’Forget app will help you find your car with ease. All you have to do is input what floor you’re on, what aisle or section, and it creates a little map that will easily lead you right back.

No More Parking Tickets

In addition to helping you find your vehicle, the app also has an ultra convenient parking meter timer. Nothing ruins a nice outing like a parking ticket on your car’s windshield. Especially when that ticket is for a parking meter that ran out three minutes before you got there! Park’n’Forget alerts you when the time on your parking meter expires, when the walking time is equal to the time that’s left on your parking meter and gives you a 15-minute warning before your meter expires.

Calculates Your Walking Time

The Park’n’Forget app is also perfect for making sure you make it to your next meeting on time or you’re back from a lunch break just in time. Simply pull up the app on your iPhone, tap the “Car” icon and start walking! This smart little app will track your movements from your car to your office, a restaurant or even in an unfamiliar part of the city. Once you reach your destination, tap the correlating icon and the app will automatically tell you how long it will take you to walk back to your car!


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