Effects of Horned Maeng Da

Horned Maeng Da is the unique form of Maeng Da. It is not only unique in its shape but also different in its effects and composition.
The leaves of horned Maeng Da are irregular in shape and feels pointed like horns from its outer edges. The central cut of these leaves is not as visible as normal leaves.
The Horned Maeng Da is found from the region of Indonesia and grows rarely in some parts of the country.
The effects of horned Maeng Da are more beneficial and high. The effects are almost the same as both Maeng Da and horned Maeng Da but horned Maeng Da effects are slightly more effective.
Here are some of the useful effects of Horned Maeng Da:

  • ¬†Energy boosting

The Horned strain is known to be the most highly energetic strain because of the high compounds that produce great energy. These compounds help to remain active and boost up the body with energy. If people feel tired and inactive, then this strain will be the best choice as it helps to kick start the day with full energy.

  • Sedative

Horned Maeng Da is a great sedative which is a lot more. It keeps a person stress free provide mental relaxation and a state of euphoria. This strain works against the unsatisfied people who need more satisfaction and happiness in their life. A single dose of this strain is enough to bring sedating effects.

  • Pain Relieving

Usually, Maeng Da is more commonly used for its analgesic effects, the same as in the case of Horned Maeng Da too. This highly effective strain relaxes the body from severe pains. All types of pain can be cured with this strain such as acute and even chronic pains which are almost unbearable.


  • Memory boosting and sleeping disorders

Horned Maeng Da has gently nootropic effects as well. It boosts up the memory and improves cognitive function which makes a person more stable mentally and brings positivity. It enhances creativity by minimizing negative thoughts. It moves a person to work with more focus and concentration.
In the case of insomnia, the sedative and nootropic effects combine to give peaceful time and muscle relaxation which makes a person sleep more properly.

Duration of Effects

It is equally important that for how long the effects will stay. Obviously, if the strain is stronger even more than Maeng Da in its effects then the duration of effects will also stay for a longer time.
This strain starts to show in effects within 15 to 30 minutes after taking the dosage which means it is fast-acting. The effects stay for a maximum of 8 hours. The effects of Horned Maeng Da are more durable than Maeng Da.

The strength of Horned Maeng Da effects is also more than the standard Maeng Da leaves.
Precautions always come with the benefits. This strain is very powerful so it is not okay to use this strain for a daily purpose. It should also be used in low dosage to avoid the severe side effects. The more healthy option is to use this strain in a week, not more than twice with moderate dosage according to the general dosage guidelines.