LoJack Expands to Assist Seniors with Wandering Alzheimer’s



Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most debilitating and devastating conditions across the board. The disease can completely wipe a person’s memory, leaving them confused about what were once familiar surroundings. It can also make it next to impossible for them to adapt to new surroundings.

As a result of that memory loss, seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s might have a tendency to wander away from their homes or healthcare centers. There are thousands of reports available, detailing Alzheimer’s patients who turn up in areas that are miles away from home. They are often lost, completely disoriented and scared out of their wits.

Not only do the Alzheimer’s patients suffer, but their loved ones generally spend their days sick with worry. No one wants to lose a family member due to wandering Alzheimer’s. Luckily, there are some wonderful technological gadgets that can help to keep track of a potentially wandering loved one.

LoJack is a company that is best known for its ability to locate stolen automobiles. They are the “go to” people for law enforcement agencies in 26 states around the nation and considered the cream of the crop when it comes to locating missing or stolen cars. Taking a page from what they do best, the company decided to invest in a specialized application that would help to find lost and wandering Alzheimer’s patients.

The LoJack SafetyNet was developed primarily to help the over 5 million Alzheimer’s patients in the United States. It’s a great way to keep track of any senior who has the potential to wander off, then not have the ability to find their way home again.

You use the LoJack SafetyNet with a radio tracking device that is implanted within a wrist or ankle band. The receiver will be left with your local law enforcement agency. In addition to holding the receiver, the agency will also have a database that contains key information about the missing senior. When a signal is picked up, the authorities know exactly where your loved one is and are easily able to reach them. The receiver of the LoJack system is so strong, a signal can even be picked up in dense woods or basements deep underground.

In addition, the LoJack SafetyNet system offers you 24 hour support via email or telephone.

“This offering is a natural extension of LoJack’s family of products and services and takes our solutions beyond ‘getting the bad guys’ off the streets to now protecting those afflicted with cognitive disorders by helping return them safely,” said Ronald V. Waters, president and CEO of LoJack.



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